8.5 Corporate planning


This category provides information on the institution's mission and major strategic plans.

Information that may substantially prejudice the commercial interests of any person, personal information, or information which would disrupt the effective conduct of public affairs will be excluded from publication.

The strategic plan for the University of the Highlands and Islands

Category NameCategory DescriptionExamples/CommentsFormat of informationFeeWithheld information
Mission Institution's Mission statement The university has a purpose and vision rather than a mission statement Available on website Free  
Corporate plan Institution's corporate or Strategic Plan The university has a Strategic Plan Available on website Free Where an abridged version is published, no exemptions apply. The full version contains information where disclosure would substantially prejudice our commercial interests under S.33 of the Act.
Strategies Major institutional strategy documents The university’s Strategic Plan is its major institutional strategy document Available on website Free  
Performance indicators Indicators used by the governing body and senior management to measure overall institutional performance   Available on website Free  
Planning procedures Internal procedures for planning and resource allocation See finance section for resource allocation Available on website Free