8.13 Support for disabled people


This category provides information about the institution's policies, procedures, and support for disabled people, including information about accessibility of major buildings and services.

In some instances information will be exempt from disclosure where it contains personal information, or information which, if released, may substantially prejudice the commercial interests of any person, endanger the physical or mental health or the safety of an individual, substantially prejudice the effective conduct of public affairs, or constitute an actionable breach of confidence.

Disability advice for students of the University of the Highlands and Islands

Category NameCategory DescriptionExamples/CommentsMannerFeeWithheld information
Disability policies Policies, procedures and guidelines relating to support for disabled people Institutions may wish to cross-reference with category 12, “Equality and Diversity Policies” Available on website Free  
Support structures A description of the institution's support structures for disability issues Cross-reference to “Accessibility of buildings and services” under category 10, “Physical Resources” Available on website Free  
Accessibility of buildings and services Information about accessibility of each of the institution's main buildings and services Institutions should provide broad information about accessibility e.g. including information for people with hearing or vision impairments Available on website Free  
Contacts Details of how to get information about support for disabled people Where larger institutions operate decentralised arrangements appropriate information on other major points of contact should be provided. Available on website Free  
Strategies The institution's strategies for improving support for disabled people, and mechanisms for monitoring these   Available on website Free  
Statistics Summary statistics on support for disability within the institution. Statistics on the numbers of staff and students with particular types of disability (though recognising potential Data Protection Act implications). Available on website Free