Section 2 - Accessing information under the scheme


Our Guide to Information provides more details of the information available under the scheme, along with additional guidance on how the information falling within each "class" may be accessed.


Most information listed in our Guide to Information is available on our website.  In many cases a link within Section 8: Categories of Information will direct you to the relevant page or document.  Where no such link is present, you can use our website’s “Search” facility. If you are still having trouble finding any document listed under our scheme, then please call our Corporate Governance Manager +44 (0)1463 279371 for further assistance.

By email

If the information you seek is not published on our website, we can send it to you by email, wherever possible.  When requesting information from us, please provide a telephone number so that we can telephone you to clarify details, if necessary.

By phone

Information can also be requested from us over the telephone. Please call the Corporate Governance Manager +44 (0)1463 279371 to request information available under this scheme.

By post

Information under the scheme will normally be available in paper copy form.  Please address your request to:

Sheena Stewart, Secretary
UHI House
Old Perth Road

When writing to us to request information, please include your name and address, full details of the information or documents you would like to receive, and any fee applicable (see Section 4: Our Charging Policy for further information on fees). Please also include a telephone number so we can telephone you to clarify any details, if necessary.

Personal visits

In limited cases, you may be invited to make an appointment to view the information. In such cases, this will be set out within Section 8 - Categories of Information, and contact details will be provided within the relevant class.

Advice and assistance

If you have any difficulty identifying the information you want to access, then please contact us at and we will be pleased to help.