8.1 General information


This section covers general information about how to make contact with UHI.

It includes information about how to complain about UHI, and how to serve formal documents on it. It is aimed at providing very general information for the public. More detailed information will be provided in other categories.

More information about the University of the Highlands and Islands

Category  Name Category Description Examples/Comments Format of Information Fee Withheld Information
Name and address The name of the institution and the address of its principal office. University of the Highlands and Islands
UHI House
Old Perth Road
Available on website Free  
Principal officers Names of the principal officers of the institution Principal, Vice Principals, deans, Secretary, Directors of major administrative functions.

Roles and responsibilities of senior officers. Responsibilities of and (work related) biographical detailsof the people who make strategic and operational decisions about the performance of function and/or delivery of services.

Available on website Free  
Contact information Information on how to contact the institution Information on initial point of contact covering area likely to be of interest to enquirers e.g. admissions Available on website Free  
Location Information on the institution's Principal and main locations, including campus maps   Available on website Free  
Opening hours Opening hours of the institution’s principal office (s)   Available on website Free  
Academic year dates Information on the dates of the institution’s academic years Dates for the current academic year as well as future academic years, as far as known Available on website Free  
Holidays Dates of closure of the institution Annual closure between Christmas and new year Available on website


Complaints Procedures on how to complain about the institution Details will very probably vary according to the nature of the complaint/complainant. Available on website Free  
Document serving Contact details for serving legal documents on the institution, e.g. Court Orders Arrangements for serving official documents Available on website Free