8.14 Student administration and support


This category contains information on how the institution manages the administration and progression of their students from admission to course completion, including student support services.

In some instances information will be exempt from disclosure where it contains personal information, or information which, if released, may substantially prejudice the commercial interests of any person, endanger the physical or mental health or the safety of an individual, substantially prejudice the effective conduct of public affairs, or constitute an actionable breach of confidence.

Student support at the University of the Highlands and Islands

Category NameCategory DescriptionExamples/CommentsFormat of informationFeeWithheld information
Course information Degree programmes offered by the institution Prospectuses; structure and broad content of each programme, including information about work experience, language skills, and opportunities for overseas study.

Qualification gained if successful.

Available on website and published within prospectuses and course handbooks.


Recruitment and admissions The institution's admissions procedures and policies Information on how to: obtain a prospectus; attend an open day; visit the institution; apply for admission.

General/course-specific entry requirements, and "going rates".

Policies and procedures for dealing with applications, including those covering the assessment of external qualifications, APL[1] and APEL[2], articulation with FE[3] Colleges and special circumstances.

Complaints procedures.

The institution's widening participation policies.

Statistical information on applications and admissions (e.g. academic background of applicants.)

Available on website and published within prospectuses and course handbooks. Free  
Fees and charges Tuition fees and other charges to students Information on the institution's tuition fees (for home/EU and overseas students) and any other costs to students (identifying whether these are compulsory), including information on when payment must be made, how payments can be made, and whether instalment options are available.

Information about arrangements for determining home/overseas fee status, and on any appeals mechanisms for fee status decisions.

Available on website Free  
Scholarships and bursaries Scholarships and bursaries available to students Lists of scholarships and bursaries including information on amounts, conditions, and arrangements for applications and decisions Available on website Free  
Registration The institution's arrangements for registering students Registry policies and procedure documents Available on website Free  
Induction The institution's student induction arrangements Induction and welcoming arrangements/procedures Available on website Free  
Examinations Arrangements for examinations Examination periods/timetables.

Examination procedures, including oral examinations.

Examination regulations, including policies and practices on breaches of regulations.

Appeals procedures.

Arrangements for appointment of Examination Boards and External Examiners, including names of External Examiners

Available on website Free  
Progression Regulations governing student progression Regulations governing access to honours courses.

Regulations about availability of resit examinations.

Regulations and practices governing changes of degree programme.

Available on website Free  
Learning support provision Description and availability of the academic and non-academic learning support provision offered by the institution. Information on: learning development and support; personal development advice; services for students with special needs Available on website Free  
Student liaison The structure and functioning meetings of staff/student consultative committees or other liaison groups Student representation

Ways in which the student representational structure works

Student membership of class, programme, subject network, faculty and institutional structures

Available on website Free  
Student records The institution's policies on the collection, maintenance and use of personal information about students Policies and procedures covering the collection, checking, maintenance and disposal of data, management of the student records system itself, and allocation of responsibilities to staff.

Arrangements for the provision of data to HESA, SFC, and other bodies with statutory rights to data

Available on website Free  
Student discipline The institution's policies and procedures for disciplinary proceedings against students Code of student discipline and other policy and procedure documents;  internal and external appeals procedures; summary statistical information on disciplinary proceedings and appeals Available on website Free  
Student accommodation Availability, conditions of use and range of accommodation services offered by the institution Information about availability of accommodation, prices, applications processes, letting arrangements, lease conditions, availability to the public in vacations Available on website Free  
Graduation arrangements Information about awards ceremonies Dates and details of Ceremonies for the current academic year.

Attendance and ticketing information, Academic Dress Information, costs

Information on Photographs and Video facilities

Available on website Free  
Student complaints Procedures for dealing with student complaints about the institution Information on how to register a complaint.  Procedural information on how complaints will be dealt with.  Procedural information on any internal and external appeals mechanisms.

Where different arrangements apply to different types of complaints (e.g. accommodation, learning support, examinations) institutions should provide information about all of these.

Summary statistical information on complaints and outcomes.

Available on website Free  
Student facilities Description of the academic, leisure and other facilities and services available exclusively to students Information about entitlement to use facilities, facilities available, charges, etc. Include:

Medical support services provided by the institution for students

welfare, counselling and other advisory services, and information about any hardship funds available in the institution

Chaplaincy services, including support for staff and students belonging to different denominations and faiths

Availability, conditions of use and range of services offered by the institution’s careers service, including  opening hours and location, and independent reviews of service quality

Institutions may wish to cross-reference to similar information about facilities and services available to staff or to the local community.

Available on website Free  
Relationship with the Students Union/ Association The legal and structural basis of the institution's relationships with the Students Union/Association Agreements, protocols, etc governing the institution's relationship with the UHISA.

Details of Union representation on institutional committees etc, and institutional representation on Union boards or committees.

Funding provided to the Union.

Available on website Free  
Students Union/ Association Information on the operation and activities of the Students Union/Association Constitution, Code of Practice, List of Officers and any other related documents about the Students Union/Association Available on website Free  


[1] APL:  Accredited Prior Learning

[2] APEL:  Accredited Prior Experiential Learning

[3] FE:  Further Education