8.18 Government and regulator relations


This category covers information the institution provides to government and external regulators and information provided to the Scottish Funding Council for monitoring purposes. By virtue of its nature most institutions will probably find that the majority of these categories are already made available to the public by some means.

Members of the public are also likely to find the same or related information is available from external partners the institution has links with.

Category NameCategory DescriptionExamples/CommentsFormat of InformationFeeWithheld Information
Funding body statistical reports and returns Information that the institution is legally obliged to make available to its funding body SFC statistical returns   Free  
Other statutory reports Information which the University is legally required to publish Information about the basis of reports will be included in their introduction. Available on website Free  
Information on student admission, progression and completion Statistical information on these matters which the institution is required by the Funding Council to publish Information on:

Student qualification on entry; the range of student entrants classified by age, sex, ethnicity, socio-economic background, disability and geographical origin as returned to HESA, student progress and retention data for each year of each course/programme, differentiating between failure and withdrawal, data on student completion, data on qualifications awarded to students, data on employment/ training outcomes for graduates from the First Destination Study (FDS)

By request only Free