8.3 Governance


This category covers information relating to the way the institution is governed and how decisions are made. It includes information on the legal status of the institution, which individual member of staff or group within the organisation is responsible for specific functions and where they fit in the overall structure of the organisation.

In some instances information from committee minutes will be exempt from disclosure where it contains personal information, information which may substantially prejudice the commercial interests of any person, information which may endanger the physical or mental health or the safety of an individual, or information which may substantially prejudice the effective conduct of public affairs.

More about the governance of the University of the Highlands and Islands

Category NameCategory DescriptionExamples/CommentsFormat of InformationFeeWithheld Information
Legal Framework Information on how the institution was established and its standing from a legal perspective History of the institution and institutional status. Available on website Free  
Governance Structure The institution's governance structures and related operational procedures

Description of Statutory Bodies (e.g  Court, Academic Council, Foundation) and Committees of Court.

Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Court member list.

Standing orders or other similar documents describing operational procedures.

Available on website Free  
Governance precepts The institution's arrangements for compliance with good governance precepts Arrangements for compliance with Scottish Funding Council (SFC) requirements and Committee for University Chairman (CUC) guidance. Detailed arrangements may be covered exemptions under the Act. Arrangements for Internal Audit. Available on website Free  
Conflict of interests policy The institution's conflict of interests policies Information on the circumstances in which members of the governing body, senior managers and other members of staff are expected to declare potential conflicts of interest. Codes of conduct governing conflict of interest issues. Available on website Free  
Register of interests Institutional register of interests Register of interests for members of Court, senior management, and any other bodies or offices covered by the institution’s conflicts of interest policies. Electronic copy of register available on request via foi@uhi.ac.uk Free  
Institutional structure A description of the institution's major organisational units and how these relate to each other Organisational structure charts. Description of broad responsibilities/activities of major organisational units (including all schools/academic departments). Information on relevant senior managerial staff in major organisational units. Contact information for major organisational units. Available on website Free Some information may be exempted where it is deemed to be “personal information” under S.38 of the Act.
Major committees The activities of major committees with devolved decision-making powers

Committee memberships and remits.

Committee appointments procedures.

Standing orders, codes of conduct and other papers describing operations of major committees. Minutes and papers of meetings of statutory bodies and other major committees

Approved Court minutes, Committee remits & membership lists available on website.

Abridged version of senior committee minutes/papers available on request.

Free Where an abridged version is published, no exemptions apply. The full version contains information where disclosure would substantially prejudice our commercial interests under S.33 of the Act.
Relationship with the General Council (UHI Foundation) The legal and structural basis of the institution's relationship with its General. Council

The university's equivalent body is the UHI Foundation.

Article 18 of Articles of Association refers.

3 Foundation members are elected by Foundation to serve as members of Court

Information about the Foundation is available on the website Free  
General Council Information on the operation and activities of the General Council

Constitution, Code of Practice, List of Officers and any other related documents about the General Council or similar statutory body.

Article 18 of Articles of Association refers

Foundation membership structure agreed by Court

Information about the Foundation is available on the website Free  
Subsidiary companies Information on the names, addresses, broad functions and purposes of companies where the institution is a majority shareholder Companies which are wholly owned by a Scottish Public Authority are themselves covered by the Act. Institutions should provide links to such companies’ own publication schemes. (Information on other significant shareholdings is provided in the Investments class in the Financial Resources category).

General information available on website. Further information available on request.

SC359497 - UHI Research and Enterprise Limited

SC486842 - Shared Services (UHI) Limited

SC550990 MPI (Elgin) Ltd

SC550989 MPI (Dornoch) Ltd

SC298899 Made in Scotland Ltd

Honorary degrees Policies, procedures and awards of honorary degrees. UHI does not currently award honorary degrees, however, UHI does award honorary fellowships. List of recent and forthcoming honorary fellowship awards Available on website Free