Aurora 2023-24

University participants to complete the programme content

University participants to complete the programme

We’re so excited that Desislava, Nicola, Robyn, Siún, Stephanie and Tess have been selected to be UHI’s 2023/24 cohort. Congratulations to you all! We hope you enjoy the programme and all of the personal and professional benefits it offers. It truly is a transformational experience which will enhance your knowledge, skills and confidence in unexpected ways. You’ll make lots of inspiring new contacts from across the UK higher education sector and your cohort and mentor will be a great support. Embrace it all - enjoy your Aurora journey!

Susan Szymborski-Welsh, UHI Auroran 2022-23

I am delighted to welcome our new UHI Aurorans, Desislava, Nicola, Robyn, Siun, Stephanie and Tess, to the growing community of Aurorans both at UHI and across the UK and Ireland. We are looking forward to getting to know them better, to supporting them to engage with the programme and to follow their aspirational leadership journeys.  There will be many opportunities for them to engage in learning, to reflect, to network, to take part in mentoring, to build their capabilities and confidence in leadership and to contribute to building leadership capacity within and beyond the university. We are absolutely delighted to have them on board.

Debbie Wartnaby, Aurora Institutional Champion and Programme Development Advisor, UHI Learning and Teaching Department 


Desislava Todorova | Nicola Naismith | Robyn Tuerena | Siún Carden | Stephanie Strother | Tess Sadler

University engagement with the Advance HE’s Aurora Leadership Development Programme for women continues with six colleagues selected to join the 2023-24 programme. The successful participants are:  

  • Desislava Todorova, Programme Leader and Researcher at UHI North, West & Hebrides and Research Fellow at UHI Moray
  • Nicola Naismith, Lecturer at UHI Shetland  
  • Robyn Tuerena, Lecturer at SAMS 
  • Siún Carden, Research Fellow at UHI Shetland 
  • Stephanie Strother, Energy Knowledge Exchange Co-ordinator at UHI North, West & Hebrides 
  • Tess Sadler, Head of International Student Recruitment at UHI 

In October this year, they began their Aurora journey by joining over 200 women in professional services and academic roles across the Scottish higher education sector at the introductory webinar. The programme, which runs between October 2023 and March 2024, includes four development days exploring key aspects of leadership and two action learning sets. Within the university Aurora Programme participants will be supported by the LTA through a range of professional development opportunities and by existing UHI Aurorans.    

From left to right Heather Fotheringham Robyn Tuerena Tess Sadler Siun Carden Desislava Todorova and Stephanie Strother at the final Aurora programme development day in Edinburgh with their certificates.From left to right: Heather Fotheringham (Aurora 2022-23), Robyn Tuerena, Tess Sadler, Siun Carden, Desislava Todorova and Stephanie Strother at the final Aurora programme development day in Edinburgh, with their certificates.