Mass Spectrometry Core Facility


Identifying the role of biomarkers in disease progression and characterising new biomarkers that might help to identify at-risk individuals before they develop diseases

Medical research equipment

Our ability to measure and identify substances in biological samples is expanding rapidly.

Mass spectrometry is a powerful tool to help measure multiple components in samples at vanishing low concentrations. Our Mass Spectrometry Core Facility facilitates use of this powerful tool to support studies across the Division of Biomedical Sciences. Two mass spectrometers are available to provide capacity for measurement of a wide variety of analytes from proteins and lipids to drugs and micronutrients.

Part of the Institute of Health Research and Innovation, the Division is based on Inverness Campus at the Life Sciences Innovation Centre and An Lòchran.

We conduct extensive research, primarily into the causes and consequences of diabetes, but also into a wide range of clinical conditions; most notably cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, and cancer. Led by Professor Ian Megson, the mission of the Division is to undertake world-class research into new markers, diagnostic tools and treatments for a range of diseases encompassing mental health, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.

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