Our COVID-19 Projects


Magnified virus structures

A selection of live projects our researchers are working on related to the current COVID-19 pandemic:

CHARIS: Covid Health and Adherence Research in Scotland; Chief Scientist Office funded and in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen: UHI lead, Prof Gill Hubbard.

Primary care research priorities after COVID-19: Collaborative programme across 9 Scottish universities to inform a consensus for research priorities after the pandemic. UHI lead: Prof Gill Hubbard.

Using participatory digital platforms to enhance resilience and mental health of Scottish frontline health and care staff during COVID-19: CSO funded: UHI team, Dr Hannes de Kock, Dr Mark Grindle, Dr Sarah-Anne Munoz.

Health literacy and exercise in cardiac patients during Covid-19: evolved from an existing PhD project undertaken by Ronie Walters as part of the ECME Cross-Border Programme. In collaboration with NHS Highland; UHI supervisors Prof Trish Gorely, Prof Steve Leslie.

COVID-19, diabetes and cardiovascular disease: ECME-funded PhD project undertaken by Jacob Roberts as part of the ECME programme. Supervisors: Prof Ian Megson, Dr Jun Wei, Dr Antonia Pritchard Pritchard and Dr Andy Treweeke.

COVID-19 in Scotland: a mathematical modelling approach to help understand the determining factors for case and mortality rates in a diverse population: In collaboration with NHS Highland Department of Public Health. Prof Ian Megson, Dr Holger Husi.

Transforming clinical pathways using a digital app for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder: Supported by the Inverness and Highland City-Region Deal in collaboration with NHS Highland.

TEC Pathfinder: can the Highland respiratory pathway be transformed? Scottish Government funded. Dr Sarah-Anne Munoz and Dr Mark Grindle.