Sustainable Aquafeeds


In the lab

Stock improvement; Selective breeding; Feeding trials; Functional component efficacy; Alternative sources of protein; Protein profiling; Feeds /muscle accretion rates.

Interest and activity in this area links to stock improvement and management in so far as it concerns selective breeding for traits associated with ability to utilize and cope with alternative feed/protein sources, more specifically:

  • Feeding trials (both tank-based and in sea-pens) investigating efficacy and suitability of alternative ingredients/functional components in aquafeeds.
  • Alternative sources of feed/protein sources and the effects of dietary change on fish health and metabolism. 
  • The Lipidomics/Proteomics team can provide expertise protein profiling of feed sources. We can also monitor the effect of alternative feeds on fish health and muscle accretion. Previous projects in this area have been undertaken in collaboration with Skretting.


Key staff working in this field: | Lesley McEvoy | Gregg Arthur |

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