Laurence Mee Centre for Society and the Sea


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The Laurence Mee Centre for Society and the Sea (LMC) is a vibrant research and innovation centre at SAMS and its main pillar of social science, arts and humanities, and social-ecological systems research. Researchers at the LMC draw on a broad range of social-ecological fields, including policy and governance; environmental, ecological and energy economics; human geography; environmental psychology; ethnography and arts; and social-ecological networks and systems science. The Centre links social studies to the broad range of marine natural sciences in which SAMS has an outstanding reputation. LMC was founded by the late Professor Laurence Mee shortly before his death on 13 August 2014.

Our vision

Advancing understanding of the resilience of social-ecological systems by connecting communities, values, policy and places - Bringing long-term, sustainable benefits to communities.

Our research

Our strategic research focus follows three main threads:

  • resilient communities
  • ecosystem services
  • policy and governance

While each of these threads has a different research emphasis, they are interlinked by a range of cross cutting topics. All three threads are anchored in the overarching framework of understanding provided by the integrative social-ecological principles of the Ecosystem Approach and the need for adaptive management of our natural resources.

The Team

Staff of the centre come from a wide range of social and social-ecological disciplines. The Centre is further strengthened by an international group of Associates. The full listing is available on the team page of the main LMC website.

Teaching influence

LMC staff contribute to a wide range of teaching at SAMS including undergraduate, postgraduate and continued professional development. Examples of topics taught by LMC staff include: ecosystem services and environmental valuation; energy economics; global, regional and local marine policy including marine spatial planning; understanding the socio-historical and cultural contexts of, and communicating with, communities; and social science research methods.

Consultancy services

LMC staff provide a wide range of social and social-ecological research services across marine sectors, such as energy, fisheries, conservation, and aquaculture, and broader marine planning, underpinned by cutting-edge science, and integrate these approaches and bring together stakeholder and expert knowledge.

This interdisciplinary and comprehensive suite of qualitative, quantitative and economic methods to work with local communities, stakeholder groups, and the wider public to consider perceptions, values, attitudes, and beliefs around policies, projects and the environment.

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Key information and contact details

You can find more detailed information at the Centre website.

Head of LMC: Dr Jasper Kenter

T: +44 (0)1631 559 216

Research Associate in Marine Social Science: Karen Alexander

T: +44 [0]1631 559 444

General enquiries

T: +44 (0)1631 59216

Laurence Mee Centre for Society & the Sea, Scottish Marine Institute, Oban, Argyll, PA37 1QA, UK