Graduate Apprenticeships


Our Graduate Apprenticeship programme provides the opportunity to gain an industry recognised Higher Education qualification whilst gaining valuable experience in the workplace up to honours degree level.

Graduate Apprenticeships are designed by industry, for industry, to help build the skills you need to succeed, and are based on the standards of professional and regulatory bodies, so your employees have a clear path towards professional recognition.

We provide structured and comprehensive training, delivered in a flexible way to meet your own specific needs as an employer so you can :

  • Bring new talent, knowledge and skills into your business
  • Retain your existing employees by supporting and investing in their development
  • Plan for your skills needs
  • Access an alternative route to traditional graduate schemes that ensures academic learning is contextualised and relevant for your business
  • Flexible entry and exit points mean your employees can get qualified to the level your business needs. Plus, universities and colleges work with you to create a learning timetable that suits you
  • The mix between work and learning means the work your employees do counts towards their qualification. Apprentices will experience formal learning through a blend of virtual learning and concentrated periods of time at the university.

The University of the Highlands and Islands are able to provide the following Graduate Apprenticeships:

Graduate Apprenticeships in Civil Engineering

The university currently offers the Graduate Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering up to Honours Degree level (SCQF Level 10), delivered through Inverness College UHI.

Graduate Apprenticeship in Early Learning and Childcare

Graduate Apprenticeship in a BA in Early Learning and Childcare (SCQF Level 9), is delivered across the Highlands and Islands. Completion of the programme will also enable registration as a Practitioner with SSSC. The programme enables apprentices to achieve a relevant degree while in employment and gain practitioner status within three years.