University archive


The University Archive actively preserves records that evidence the history, development and activities of the University of the Highlands and Islands.

It also acquires, makes available and preserves collections that support academic research and teaching activities conducted at the university, as well as collections documenting the lives and work of people and groups associated with the university.

University Records content

University Records

The University Archive collects university records as well as any records related to its creation and/or history and areas of activity.

University records include:

  • Committee business (agendas, minutes, papers, other related business)
  • Administrative records (as defined on file maps and by the university retention schedule)

Individual departments and sections must maintain and dispose of records in accordance with the university retention schedule. Departments and sections should agree on records to be retained and transferred to the Archive with the University Archivist and Records Manager before transfer. All records transferring to the University Archive should be recorded on a Transfer Form.

Gifts and Bequests content

Gifts and Bequests

The University Archive accepts gifts and bequests in different formats from members of the public and the university community related to its areas of research, activity and geographical extent, in line with the Collections Policy.

Records related to the creation and history of the university include records created by individual staff and students or groups and societies, including:

  • Official, professional and personal correspondence
  • Biographical material
  • Photographs
  • Recordings
  • Research files
  • Manuscripts
  • Publications
  • Diaries, notebooks and memorabilia

The university prefers to receive items/collections as a gift. Donors will be asked to complete a Deposit Agreement Form specifying the terms and conditions of donation and must present evidence of ownership and authority to deposit.

Please contact the University Archivist and Records Manager if you would like to donate items, collections or make a bequest to the university. The University Archivist and Records Manager will appraise all gifts and donations before accepting them into the University Archive, and every effort will be made to avoid conflict and duplication with the collecting policies of other public archive services.