UHI STEM Outreach Programme

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is a well-established area and focus for education.

UHI recognises its importance and strives to embed this interdisciplinary approach in our curriculum to inspire innovation through creativity via the arts, (where STEM becomes STEAM). Our UHI strategy identifies that our science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics approach to a multi-disciplinary curriculum, produces the most professional and flexible graduates.

The UHI STEM Outreach Programme has evolved over a number of years to address the skills gaps in science, technology, engineering and mathematics . We have been generously supported by industry partners to offer a range of STEM engagement designed to support early years and primary school learners across regions, the Highlands and Islands, Moray and Perthshire.


The aims of our STEM Outreach Programme are to:

  • Inspire the next generation by influencing pathways into STEM from early years, through primary and secondary school and into further education and training, to promote access into STEM careers. We achieve this by increasing the confidence of pupils and practitioners to engage with STEM subjects, by providing schools with access to equipment and teaching resources to aid with STEM learning and teaching and offering each school with in-school support to help embed STEM within the school.
  • Collaboration and Coordination– We aim to work with STEM partners to inform and enhance our activities in providing inspirational experiences towards STEM skills and careers aligned with business needs and economic growth in the local area as well as continuing to address equity of opportunity, with rural and gender as particular areas of focus.

For further details of the STEM Outreach Programme and your local UHI STEM Coordinator, please click the link below.

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