Sustainable Communities




The broad remit of this thematic group includes the critical analysis of issues relating to the sustainability of rural communities, especially island, upland and coastal communities.

Research interests include rural change, such as demography and migration, climate change and mitigation, transport, and social or cultural dynamics. Topics of contemporary relevance also include land use and land reform, as well as the socio-economic contribution of social enterprises and commercial SME.

There is a commitment to participatory approaches to community engagement, for example in relation to health care, conflict management, and the utilisation of natural resources. The design, promotion, and delivery of health and wellbeing aspects of rural community development also feature strongly in the work of the group.

  • Social inclusion, access and identity in rural societies
  • Responding to rural change
  • Responding to climate change in remote/rural upland and coastal environments
  • Remote and rural community sustainable development via natural environment and cultural heritage
  • Conflict management

Research in these subjects is carried out at the following centres: