Rachel Shucksmith

Shetland UHI
Port Arthur

tel: +44 (0)1595 772492

Available to talk to the media about

  • Marine spatial planning
  • marine governance
  • coastal zone management
  • marine planning
  • data usage
  • data assessment
  • mapping
  • marine policy
  • fisheries mapping
  • stakeholder engagement
  • marine licensing
  • biosecruity planning
  • Shetland

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Rachel has extensive experience of marine spatial planning, policy development, marine licencing, spatial data collection, data assessment and mapping, socioeconomic assessment and stakeholder engagement. Rachel manages the development of the Shetland Islands’ marine spatial plan, widely regarded to be one of the most advanced marine spatial plans in Europe. Rachel has published and presented her research at a number of international conferences, workshops and journals. Rachel is a member of the ICES Working Group Coastal zone management and Marine Spatial Planning, ICES Cultural Ecosystem Services Expert Working Group and MASTS Marine Spatial Planning Steering Group.

Current research

Rachel oversees the development of a range of research areas to inform effective marine management, marine spatial planning and effective marine governence. These include marine mapping, biosecruty planning and invasive species monitoring, cumulative effect assessment and predictive habitat mapping.

Research groups and interests

  • ICES Working Group Coastal zone management and Marine Spatial Planning
  • ICES Cultural Ecosystem Services Expert Working Group
  • MASTS Marine Spatial Planning Steering Group

Selected publications

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  • Collin SB, Tweddle JF, Shucksmith RJ (2015) Rapid assessment of marine non-native species in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. BioInvasions Records 4(3) 147-155
  • Collin SB, MacIver K, Shucksmith RJ (2015) A Biosecurity Plan for the Shetland Islands. NAFC Marine Centre
  • Shucksmith R, Shelmerdine RL (2015) A risk based approach to non-native species management and biosecurity planning. Marine Policy 59,32-43
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