Nick Green

Sector Manager Audio Engineering and Theatre Arts
tel: 01738 877263
mob: 07709 283634

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Nick Green MSc: Sector Manager of the Audio Engineering BScH and Theatre Arts programmes in the University of the Highlands and Islands, Perth College.

A sound designer and audio engineer working in the field of acoustic ecology and archaeoacoustics, the analysis of sound and acoustics in heritage and archaeological sites. Based in Scotland, the majority of the works presented here are from sites around Scotland. A graduate of Edinburgh University, ECA Sound Design he has been lecturing at Perth UHI for 17 years (2017). With a background in music and sound production and music composition, having initially trained at the London School of Audio Engineering in the late 80's, Nick returned to formal education in 1998 and has not looked back since.

Current research

Archaeoacoustics, the archaeology of sound in archaeological and heritage sites around Scotland with a particular interest in the Pictish culture of North Eastern Scotland and Medieval architecture.

Research groups and interests

HARC - Humanities Arts Research Cluster, University of the Highlands and Islands
AES - Audio Engineering Society
OTSF - Old Temples Study Foundation
WFAE - World Forum of Acoustic Ecology

Selected publications

Feature article in the International Journal of Acoustic Ecology, "Sampling the Past" 2013