Dr Lesley Mickel

Inverness College UHI
1 Inverness Campus

Available to talk to the media about

  • Theatre Studies/Drama
  • Theatrical representations of Scots and Scotland
  • Court theatre
  • Renaissance Literature and Culture
  • Festival and Heritage Management

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I am Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Drama and Performance and Lecturer in Literature at Inverness College UHI. My doctoral thesis was undertaken at Strathclyde University and explored court theatre in the Early Modern period. I have taught Literature and Theatre Studies at the Universities of Strathclyde, Southampton, Northumbria and Glasgow before coming to Inverness College UHI. My current research activities encompass Early Modern court theatre and culture, with an emphasis on material culture. I have published widely on the topic of Early Modern court festivals and culture, and currently I am investigating the presence and representation of Scots in court festivals at home and abroad. I am extremely involved in a number of public engagement activities including the Kingussie Food on Film festival, Caberfeidh Horizons - a social inclusion and enterprise project based in the Highlands, and I am a member of the board of Kingussie Heritage. These activities have fuelled a broader interest in the theorising of cultural exchange, and have led to new developments in my research activities. I am a member of the Royal Studies Network, The Early Modern Festival Network, the Society for Renaissance Studies, The Society for Court Studies and The International Federation of Theatre Research. During 2018 I will be presenting my research at The Society for Renaisance Studies Conference, Sheffield University.

In 2015, 2016 and 2018 I have been a visiting lecturer in theatre and culture at the University of Salzburg, and in 2015 took part in the Austrian Government Cultural Dynnamics Research Group.

I am also part of the University of the Highlands and Islands Learning, Teaching and Research working group; involved with the University of the Highlands and Islands Cultural and Creative Industries Knowledge Exchange group, a member of the Inverness College UHI Research Group and engaged in undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum development.

Current research

Current research involves the representation of Scots in court theatre in Scotland, England, France and Germany in the Early Modern/Renaissance period. I am also working on the ways in which notions of Highland identity is transmitted and represented through theatre and culture up to the present day.

Research groups and interests

  • The Royal Studies Network
  • The Early Modern Festival Network
  • The Society for Renaissance Studies
  • The Society for Court Studies
  • The International Federation of Theatre Research

Selected publications

  • 'Our Hielandmen': Scots in Court Entertainments at Home and Abroad 1507-1616
  • Renaissance Studies: Journal for the Society of Renaissance Studies, Jan 2018
  • 'From Bourgeois Wife to Renaissance Monarch: The royal entertainments and imperial ambition of Mary Stuart', (1561-1566), The Review of Scottish Culture. 27 (2017), pp. 48-61.
  • 'Theatricalisation at The Field of Cloth of Gold, 1520'
  • Kulterelle Dynamiken: Theatricalisierung, Coelsch-Foisner, S., Heimerdinger, T. & Herzog, C. (eds.). (Heidelberg: Universitatsverlag Winter,2016) pp. 69-85
  • 'Royal self-assertion and the revision of chivalry: the entertainment at Kenilworth (1575), Jonson's Masque of Owls (1624), and the king's entertainment at Welbeck (1633)
  • The Modern Language Review. 109, 4, (Oct 2014) pp. 953-976.