Prof Jane Downes

Archaeology Institute
Orkney College UHI
KW15 1LX
tel: +44 (0)1856 569 320
mob: 44 (0)7919 985 106

Available to talk to the media about

  • Archaeology and Heritage - Orkney, Highlands and Islands, Scotland, UK
  • Prehistory: Neolithic; Bronze Age; Iron Age
  • Archaeology, heritage and sustainable development (eg renewable energy, tourism)
  • Human burials and prehistoric burial rites
  • World Heritage Sites
  • Archaeological landscapes

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Professor Downes graduated in 1984 from Manchester University with BA Hons in Ancient History and Archaeology, and went to work on the East Anglian Fens as a Field Officer for Fenland Archaeological Trust where she worked on waterlogged sites such as Flag Fen.

After several years on the Fens she became a freelance archaeologist working among other places in France, before moving to Glasgow University where she was a Research Assistant, the Project Officer and Project Manager for GUARD. During this time she developed her research on cremation, focusing on Bronze Age burial mounds in Orkney, and undertaking ethnoarchaeological field study in Bali.

She moved to Sheffield University to take the post of Assistant Director of ARCUS, managing commercial projects and continuing her research. In 1999 she took up the post of Lecturer in Orkney College UHI and established the Masters programme in Archaeological Practice. She subsequently became Senior Lecturer and in 2014 was made a Professor. Professor Downes is now Director of the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute, having established ORCA (Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology), a successful commercial and research unit, and latterly ORCA Marine.

She has also established a full undergraduate programme as BA Hons Archaeology, starting 2011. She continues fieldwork in Orkney undertaking a range of excavations, and is involved in research in Easter Island.

Current research

Professor Downes is currently working on publications of Bronze Age burial sites, analysis of Iron Age underground chamber Mine Howe; and the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site geophysical survey. Her current fieldwork: Gateway to the Atlantic NABO excavation on Rousay Orkney Neolithic/ Iron Age/ Pictish/ Viking/ post-medieval sites (collaboration with Bradford University and CUNY); fieldwork on Easter Island (collaboration with UCL, Manchester University, Bournemouth University); Bronze Age settlement at Cata Sand, Orkney (collaboration with Manchester University and University of Central Lancashire).

Research groups and interests

  • Member of the Institute for Archaeology
  • Chair of Scottish Archaeological Research Framework Bronze Age Panel
  • Chair of Orkney World Heritage Site Research Committee
  • Trustee of Stromness Museum
  • Fellow Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Selected publications


2005 (co-editors S. M. Foster and C. R. Wickham Jones) The Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site. Research Agenda. Edinburgh: Historic Scotland

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1999 (co-editor T. Pollard) The Loved Body's Corruption: archaeological contributions to the study of human mortality. Glasgow: Cruithne Press
Selected journal papers and book chapters

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