Event: Module Leaders ‘survival essentials’ workshop

The workshop provided new and aspiring Module Leaders with a set of ‘survival essentials’ to guide them in their role

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Workshop aim

The workshop will introduce relevant teams and members of staff; provide signposting to sources of information and guidance and provide an opportunity for participants to share their experiences; discuss challenges and build local support networks.  To support Module Leaders beyond the workshop, the information and guidance documents referred to during the event will be collated and developed into a resource after the event.  Feedback from attendees will inform both the content and access points to maximise the effectiveness of the resource in providing on-going support for Module Leaders.

Workshop objectives

By the end of the workshop you will be aware of:

  • The role and responsibilities of a module leader within the University;
  • Where to find relevant academic standards and regulations;
  • Where to locate information and guidance to support you in the role of module leadership;
  • The key aspects of what is needed to lead the preparation, planning and delivery of modules;
  • Other module leaders across the University, including those based in your own College who can provide a network of support;
  • The key aspects of what is needed to lead the reflection on, evaluation and enhancement of modules

Presentation Slides

Day 1 Presentation 1 Welcome Slide

Day 1 Presentation 2 Faculty Officers

Day 1 Presentation 3 CUR03s and Exam Boards

Day 1 Presentation 4 Module Evaluation

Day 2 Presentation 2 Library Services

Day 2 Presentation 3 Student Engagement

Day 2 Presentation 4 Surviving Assessment

Day 2 Presentation 5 Support Portal

Session recordings

See video from the presentations.


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