Aiming for awesome


We are grateful to the RAF for supporting this resource. Applications open soon for 2022.

Gender equality within engineering has been at the heart of the development of these workshops. In the report ‘Why Europe’s girls aren’t studying STEM’ from Microsoft, it was found that a window of opportunity appears around age 11 (Microsoft, 2017) to engage these girls in STEM. Therefore, these resources are targeted towards P5-7 (second stage Scotland Curriculum for Excellence) classes.

Aiming for Awesome provides equipment for schools across the Highlands and Islands and covers 4 key topic areas :

  1. Aircraft design
  2. Communications
  3. Cyber Security
  4. Creating a Bottle Rocket

All the equipment if provided free of charge to participating schools along with the workplans for each topic area and access to digital pre-recorded instructions which allows schools to not only choose whatever time suits them to undertake the workshops, but also to share them with other classes within the school, and/or any cluster schools they are a part of.

If you are a school that is interested, then you will be asked to complete a simple application form. Watch this space for more information and access to the application form. Meantime, any questions please contact us :