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The Academic Standards and Quality Regulations have been developed to fulfil the regulatory requirements of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) and are consistent with the Memorandum and Articles of the university.

The regulations cover all undergraduate and postgraduate students and originally were ratified by Network Academic Council (NAC) in October 1997. Since then, the regulations have been subject to regular amendments and additions. The regulations included here are listed with a note of the dates of approval.

Regulations and procedures are regularly reviewed and enhanced, and regulatory changes are ratified by Academic Council. This ensures that the university’s regulatory framework remains in line with sector-recognised standards and expectations, including those of QAA Scotland and the Scottish Funding Council, and that it is aligned with the university’s academic structures and curriculum.

Whenever there is a change to assessment regulations, the university applies the principle of ‘no detriment’ to ensure students part-way through their studies are not disadvantaged by the change.

Since February 2011, all taught degrees have been awarded by University of the Highlands and Islands, as distinct from UHI Millennium Institute, which was the institutional name prior to the achievement of university title.

The university achieved research degree awarding powers in June 2017. Academic Council approved relevant regulations in December 2016, applicable from 2017-18 onwards for all students registered for research awards made by the university, and for the management and standards of research programmes and awards.

Students who are registered for a research award with the University of Aberdeen under the accreditation agreement will continue to be subject to the regulatory framework of that agreement.

The electronic version of Academic standards and quality regulations, along with all appendices, additional guidance notes and supporting materials, can be accessed through the website ( and should be taken as the definitive version at all times. 

For any comments or questions regarding these regulations, please contact:

Tara Black (

Copies of this publication in Braille, large print, audio CD and CD-ROM formats are also available from Tara Black (

These regulations are for the academic year 2022-23 and supersede all previously issued regulations.

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Student information

Student information

Academic appeal proforma (see Section 18 - Assessment appeals procedure)

Proforma ath-thagradh acadaimigeach (faic Earrann 18 Modh-obrach ath-thagradh measaidh)

  • Students can choose to submit appeals in Gaelic, and for the process to be conducted in Gaelic, if they wish using this proforma

Complaints handling procedure

Mitigating circumstances

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) resources for staffRPL and credit transfer guide, and RPL claim form

Withdrawal / transfer request

Fair assessment approach applied in AY 2020-21
Information about assessment support measures for all degree students was issued on 5 February 2021. This additional information is for all undergraduate and taught postgraduate (PGT) students.

It outlines the different assessment support measures for specific groups in academic year 2020-21.

Together with representatives from the Highlands and Islands Students’ Association, the university’s team responsible for academic quality matters, carried out a review of policy on principles for fair assessment [for higher education students] which takes into account the impact of COVID-19 on student assessment and the regulatory requirement to meet academic standards and quality expectations.   

Our principles for fair assessment are aligned with the national Quality Code for Higher Education, the current guidance from the Quality Assurance Agency, and the statement from Universities Scotland on Maintaining Fair Assessment. These principles will support students in their learning journey and take into account the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigate these as far as possible, while maintaining the academic standards of our qualifications.

The University of the Highlands and Islands partnership will aim to: 

  • enable students to complete their qualification or progress to the next stageof their studies. Wherever possible, progression and award decisions will be made within normal timescales
  • maintain the academic standards of our awards, and the value of our qualifications to students, graduates and employers
  • award credit and qualifications consistently to recognise student achievement
  • continue to meet the accreditation requirements of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies, where relevant
  • make assessment decisions that are fair and students are treated consistently
  • continue to provide opportunities for assessment at all levels, using alternative assessment arrangements where necessary. If circumstances prevent delivery of some course elements, students will not be academically penalised

Students with queries or concerns about your studies, should speak to their personal academic tutor or course leader. Alternatively, you can contact student support staff at your local academic partner.

Exceptional arrangements introduced in AY 2019-20, semester 2
Academic Council approved a number of temporary arrangements in June 2020 to support students in the light of unprecedented disruption to learning and teaching due to the COVID19 pandemic. These exceptional arrangements are summarised below. They were applied to progression and award outcomes in AY 2019-20, but continue to be relevant for some students.