Court is responsible for the overall strategic direction and governance of the university.

Its many powers and duties are detailed in the university's articles of association. The court can delegate some responsibilities to individuals, committees or groups. Court is also referred to as the board of governors.

Court consists of up to 21 members, including students, academic and support staff, and a majority of independent members. In 2021 the university elected a new Chair as well as two staff representatives, per the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Act 2016.

You can download and read the approved minutes of the court.

The Scottish Higher Education Code of Governance requires university courts to assess the effectiveness of their chair and members, how they operate collectively and how effective their committees are on an annual basis.

In 2014 the Post-16 Education (Scotland) Act made Court accountable for college and university level education in the Highlands and Islands. The Act made Court the Regional Strategic Body (RSB) with overarching responsibility for the planning and delivery of further education provision in the Highlands and Islands region via its network of assigned colleges. (The university was already responsible for higher education.) At the same time the eight colleges of Inverness, Lews Castle, Moray, North Highland, Orkney, Perth, Shetland and West Highland were designated as assigned colleges. Argyll College was subsequently assigned on 1 January 2019. Regional Strategic Body Self-Evaluation


Court meeting dates

  • 22 August 2023
  • 01 November 2023
  • 20-21 November 2023 (Court Conference)
  • 14 December 2023
  • 14 February 2024
  • 23 April 2024
  • 26 June 2024


Roger Sendall, Director of Corporate Governance