A new chapter in the way we connect with our stakeholders content

A new chapter in the way we connect with our stakeholders

Together we can be the catalyst for a step change in our region’s economic growth

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Sitting at the heart of UHI's mission is our imperative to have a transformational impact on the prospects of our region, its economy, its people, and its communities – with collaboration, openness, respect, and excellence embedded in all that we do.

We know we cannot achieve this in isolation, from within our own walls, and so we actively pursue engagement with the people and the communities in which we work, always striving for mutual benefit.

Foundation is the name of our external network, who come together in an up to 120-person strong membership, providing the vital link between UHI and our communities. The collective role of the foundation is to act as a custodian of out articles of association, shape the university’s future, championing UHI, and jointly driving positive change for the region.

In addition to the main Foundation group, Foundation also has four forums each with approximately 20-30 members, working on different topics, that mirror the UHI strategic plan pillars of Tertiary Education, Research and Impact, Enterprise, and Engagement. The forums gather information, intel and ideas from our stakeholders on relevant key issues.

Foundation is representative of all our stakeholders, including representatives from external organisations, businesses and individuals from communities, our academic partners, staff, students, alumni, that represent all corners of the region we serve in the Highlands and Islands, Moray and Perthshire.

This two-way dialogue, allows us to work together, harnessing the power of our collective voice, shaping UHI’s strategy, and its delivery, creating impact in action - and a university that all our stakeholders feel they have a collective ownership of and that benefits them in their everyday lives

We invite you to join us on this mission, helping us shape the UHI of the future, which will be built upon, and responsive to the voice of you, our stakeholders.

If you would like to join UHI Foundation, please take a look at the commitment we look for from our members, as shown below, and then complete our online application form.

Commitment from foundation members content

Commitment from foundation members

To be as impactful as possible, we request our members make a commitment to the foundation, initially for three years, with the ask that all members proactively participate in the below :

  • To act as a custodian of the UHI articles of association
  • To attend, and actively participate in our foundation meetings (3 meetings per annum, in person/online, and one public face to face meeting) and join one of our Foundation Forums
  • To collate and share information with foundation on a variety of topics, from a variety of stakeholders to feed into UHI Strategy
  • To review UHI's strategy and plans and provide constructive feedback
  • To act as UHI ambassadors, championing the university and its key messages as widely as possible and raise awareness within respective spheres of influence
  • To engage in open innovation with the UHI, helping solve challenges
  • To co-create a Foundation Members programme of activities and drive them forwards, by taking on accountability for actions and progressing tasks in between foundation meetings
  • Agree success measures for Foundation and help monitor them
  • Option to mentor UHI staff and students