The Edge Conference 2021


The Edge UHI Conference will take place online on 15 and 16 December 2021.

The keynote speakers will be Professor Margaret Bennett, Professor Niall Sharples & Professor Mike Pearson

(Please be aware that we will be recording the conference and making recordings available to the public on our website. If you choose to share your video feed/audio feed/name when you join the conference this information may be captured as part of the recording. If you ask a question during Q&As this will be recorded.

You can avoid your personal data being recorded by :

  • Turning off your webcam
  • Turning off your microphone
  • Writing ‘guest’ in place of your name when prompted to enter your name

Read The Edge UHI Privacy notice.

The Edge: Weather. Commended: Blanche Haddow, Misty Beauty