Dr Paul Malgrati, BA, MPhil, PhD


Lecturer of Northern Studies

Institute for Northern Studies
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Dr Paul Malgrati is a scholar and poet from France, specialist of modern Scottish literature. Before joining INS in 2023, Paul completed his PhD at the University of St Andrews as well as a two-year post-doctoral contract at the University of Glasgow. Paul’s award-winning research led to the publication of his first monograph, Robert Burns and Scottish Cultural Politics.The Bard of Contention. 1914-2014 (EUP, 2023), which explores Burns’s legacy in Scottish national culture, from Victorian unionism to contemporary nationalism. Since 2018, Paul has also completed three research projects: ‘Joe Corrie (1894-1968): Miner, Playwright, Activist’ (St Andrews, PI, 2018-19); ‘The Burns Supper in History and Today’ (Glasgow, RA, 2020-22) and ‘The Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation: Creating Digital Futures & Networks’ (Glasgow. RA, 2021-23).

Moreover, alongside scholarship, Paul is involved in several creative ventures. In 2020, his verse was shortlisted for the Edwin Morgan Poetry Prize, which led to the publication Poèmes Écossais (Blue Diode Press, 2022): the first collection of poetry in the Scots language by a non-native anglophone. Such Franco-Scottish interests were also developed in Paul’s French translation of Robert Crawford’s Curriculum Violette, published in bilingual edition by Molecular Press in 2021. That same year, Paul also joined the team of Revue Écossaise, the first printed, Francophone magazine about Scotland.

Building on his experience, Paul is now beginning research for a new book project, this time in Scottish literary theory. He aims to draw a critical genealogy of the key concepts of the discipline whilst charting a new approach based on ecocriticism and Speculative Realism.

Professional Memberships

  • Executive Committee Member of the International Association for the Study of Scottish Literature (2023-present).
  • Member of British Association for Romantic Studies (2021-present).
  • Member of Société des Anglicistes de l'Enseignement Supérieur (SAES) (2019-present).
  • Member of French Society for Scottish Studies (Sfeec) (2018-present)

Research Interests

Paul is a specialist of modern and contemporary Scottish literature (1700-present) with broader interests in the politics of literature, literary theory, literature, national identity and memory, the international reception of Scottish culture, and literary translations. More specifically, Paul’s past and present works have covered topics including: Robert Burns, Scottish (post-) modernism, Scottish constitutional and labour politics, Franco-Scottish literature, the Scots language, and the origins of Scottish literary theory.

Paul welcomes any opportunities for potential collaboration or supervision in the same areas.

Dr Paul Malgrati

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Academic Responsibilities

Academic Responsibilities

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Malgrati, P. (2023), Robert Burns and Scottish Cultural Politics. The Bard of Contention. 1914-2014, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 278 pages.

Peer-reviewed articles and books chapters

Malgrati P. (forthcoming, November 2023), ‘Scottish Literature and Diaspora’ in Gerard Carruthers, Moira Hansen (eds.), The Blackwell’s Companion to Scottish Literature, Oxford: Blackwell’s.

Malgrati, P. (2022) ‘Impossible Heroes: Trades Unionists, Communists and Miners in Joe Corrie’s Black Earth’, Twentieth-Century Communism, 22, 12 pages.

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Malgrati, P. (2018), ‘Red City, Brown City, City of Men: Radical Activism) and Man-up Politics in Interwar Saint-Denis’, Histoire@Politique, 35. [In French].

Other Publications

Malgrati P. (forthcoming, 2023), ‘Scottish Literature and Diaspora’ in Gerard Carruthers, Moira Hansen (eds.), The Blackwell’s Companion to Scottish Literature, Oxford: Blackwell’s.

Lyall, Scott, Malgrati P., (forthcoming, 2023), ‘Denis Saurat, “The Scottish Renaissance Group (1922)”’, Studies in Scottish Literature, 49/1.

Malgrati, P. (2023), ‘Antisyzygy: An Escape Route’, The Bottle Imp. 7 pages [online].

Malgrati, P. (2019), ‘Towards a post-colonial alliance? Some perspectives on Franco-Scots poetry translation’, The Bottle Imp. 8 pages.

Book reviews

Malgrati, P. (forthcoming, 2023), ‘Steve Newman, David McGuinness (eds.), The Edinburgh Edition of the Collected Works of Allan Ramsay. Volume I: The Gentle Shepherd.’ Burns Chronicle, 132/1.

Malgrati, P. (2021), ‘Scott Hames, The Literary Politics of Scottish Devolution. Voice, Class, Nation’, Études écossaises, 21.

Digital Humanities Publications

Malgrati P., ‘Blog of the Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation’, University of Glasgow (2021)

Malgrati, P., Aitken, B., ‘Interactive Map of Burns Suppers’, University of Glasgow (2020)

Malgrati, P. (ed.), ‘Joe Corrie Website’, University of St Andrews (2019).

Selected Creative Works

Malgrati, P. (2023) ‘Malgrati’ in Samina Chaudhry, Marcas Mac an Tuairneir, Rebecca Sharp (ed.) How Do We Talk About Knives, Cupar: Matecznik Press.

Malgrati, P. (2022), Poèmes Ecossais, Edinburgh: Blue Diode Press.

Malgrati, P. (2021) ‘Sainte’; ‘Upon Visiting Richard Cameron’s Cairn’, The Scores, 10.

Malgrati, P. (2021), ‘Orcadia’s Continent’, in Jim Macintosh & Paul Philippou (eds.), Beyond the Swelkie. A Collection of Poems & Writings to Mark the Centenary of George Mackay Brown, Perth: Tippermuir Books.

Crawford, Robert (2021), Curriculum Violette, French trans. Paul Malgrati, Geneva: Molecular Press.

Malgrati, P. (2020), ‘Forêt de Fontainebleau’; ‘Eden-upon-Tay’, in Edwin Morgan Poetry Award Pamphlet, Edinburgh.

Malgrati, P. (2020), ‘Afore a Nicht Oot’, Gutter, 19. Selected by the Scottish Poetry Library.

Paul Malgrati (2016), "Notre jeunesse : de la gachette au coeur" in Tzvetan Todorov, Giorgio Agamben, Edgar Morin (et.al.), Résister à la terreur, Paris: Aube, pp.126-130.

Selected Talks & Conferences content

Selected Talks & Conferences

Selected Talks & Conferences

June 2023, ‘Antizysygy: Escaping MacDiarmid’s Impasse’, Hugh MacDiarmid Conference, University of Brest.  

January 2023, ‘Robert Burns and the Scottish Renaissance Movement’, Scottish Revival Network.   

June 2022, ‘The Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation (BOSLIT): Creating Digital Futures & Networks’, Roundtable with Prof Kirsteen McCue, Congress of the International Association for the Study of Scottish Literature, Prague.  

January 2022, ‘The Arts of the Burns Supper’, Virtual reality events, University of Glasgow, Online.  

October 2021, ‘The Political Uses of Robert Burns during the 2014 Indyref Campaign’, Annual Congress of Société Française d’Etudes Ecossaises.  

April 2021, ‘Robert Burns in the Modern World’, Lecture Series of Saint Andrews Society of San Francisco.  

January 2021, ‘The Contemporary Burns Supper’, History Scotland Lectures, online.   

October 2019, ‘Robert Burns and the Scottish Left’, Modern British History seminar, University of Oxford.  

January 2019, ‘Robert Burns, Scotland and the Soviet Union: Scottish national identity during the Cold War (1941-1959)’, Centre for Robert Burns Studies Annual Conference, Alloway.  

'St Andrews and Europe' (29 November 2016) Panel Discussant at the conference held on the day of Prof. Sally Mapstone's installation as Principal of St Andrews University.