Expert lecture to explore benefits of algae

A leading marine science researcher will offer insights into the benefits of algae at a free talk next week. Professor Michele Stanley will discuss how algae is being used in everything from energy production to waste treatment.

Originally from Bangor, Northern Ireland, Professor Stanley is the Associate Director of Science, Enterprise and Innovation at the Scottish Association of Marine Science UHI, part of the University of the Highlands and Islands. She joined the institute in 2006 and has become an international expert in blue biotechnology. The field aims to address issues around food and energy security, water availability, ageing populations, increasing carbon dioxide levels and climate change.

Speaking about her forthcoming lecture, Professor Stanley said:

“Over the last 15 years there has been an increased interest in algae, both microalgae and seaweeds. This was initially driven by the search for biomass for bioenergy production, but now includes activities such as the treatment of waste and the production of high value compounds as well.

“My lecture will explore why algae are so important, what bananas can teach us about seaweed cultivation and will also offer personal insights into why you never quite end up doing what you thought you would in science!”

Professor Stanley’s lecture, ‘A matter of life and algae’ will take place at the Scottish Association for Marine Science UHI in Dunbeag, Oban, from 5.30pm on Thursday 20 February. Attendees can also join by video conference. Professor Stanley will be available for audience questions and the lecture will be followed by tea and coffee.