Browser support information


Many services are now accessed via a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari). The way these browsers work with the services you access can depend on a number of different factors, and changes to the browser or the service can lead to incompatibilites which can show as different issues (such as odd displays, tick boxes not working or problems with drop downs etc).

Working with browsers

Firstly you need to know what browser you are using. A service such as whatsmybrowser can assist with this, and give you links to install other browsers. We would always recommend on having at least two different browsers installed on your equipment.

Please note these are activities which will change browser behaviour, and may not be possible whilst using college equipment.

How to clear cookies

Changing settings; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox

When you find a problem

In the first instance try another browser and see if it is still a problem. Browsers get updated frequently, and changes can affect the way they work.

If it is a UHI service, we would generally recommend using the latest version of Internet Explorer or FireFox for the best experience. Services may work with the other browsers but our experience of dealing with customer issues these have been more problematic. 

If you are using a version that is shown as being compatible, please complete a Unidesk software form with information on the problem you have. We will need the following information; Operating System, Browser Type and Version, Antivirus, your connection details (at home, onsite at college, own device, college equipment, Wi-Fi service etc), any information on plugins in use (e.g. Java) would also be useful, along with if the action reacted differently in another browser.

Additional information

When you use college equipment, browsers go through a cache service to access the internet. The cache service blocks sites that are deemed to be unsuitable, if a site that you wish to use is blocked, please contact the UHI servicedesk to have the block reviewed.

Genuine sites are blocked if the advert link to the site is selected, instead of the direct site link . Ad links usually have a yellow box with AD at the left hand side of the link. If you know the web address you can type this in directly, or choose a link that is not an advert. See below, the red arrow shows the AD link and the green arrow a direct link that would work.

Google search - paid vs organic results