Accessing our services


Your account - student Information

When you join UHI you will be given a unique student number consisting of six or eight digits. If you are a returning student your student ID may have two letters at the start of the number. This student number is also your UHI username and it is an important element in getting access to a wide range of UHI network services.

Access to the following services is automatically created when you are enrolled

• Outlook

Library resources

UHI Records


• Myday

Please click on our Services page for further information on these. 

Passwords - student information

Along with your UHI username you will require a password to access most of our services, when you join UHI your password will have been automatically set up and you should be informed of your default password. Please note however your password will not display when you type it into a password window - it comes up as a series of ******** (stars).

When you first log into UHI systems you will be asked to change your password. In some colleges you may require to change your password from time to time - this is an important security measure that the colleges put in place to ensure that the UHI networks systems are well maintained for your teaching and learning support.

Please refer to our acceptable use policy and other IT policies on our IT policy page to ensure you are aware of your responsibilities.

If you have an issue with your username or password please contact the UHI servicedesk. Please note that you should not divulge your password details. The UHI servicedesk will never ask you to reveal your password in an e-mail, and you should not respond to any emails that ask you for your account and password details.

Your account – staff information

Line managers who are responsible for new starts should complete the staff ID account creation form on Unidesk.  Please note this can take up to 5 working days.

Providing the account creation process has been followed, your line manager should have details of your account and initial password.

Your PC

Many of our students will access ITDI services from their own home PCs.  ITDI do not provide support on home equipment, however each of the service pages will provide useful information on any software required to access the service.