Learning Analytics


Image showing binary code depicting analytics

Image from: Pixabay

The University of the Highlands and Islands has convened a steering group to guide institutional developments in the area of Learning Analytics. Progressing towards the implementation of an ethical approach to learning analytics is part of a wider solution around identifying students who are at risk as early as possible and enhancing learning and teaching through identifying ‘crunch points’ and other challenges for students in the design and delivery of curricula.

UHI has three key priorities moving forward: early intervention (including social inclusion and well-being), identifying patterns of engagement to improve learning and teaching practice, and to support personal academic tutors. 

This programme of work, based on over 18 months of scoping and benchmarking supports the university's Priority Enhancement theme of ‘Using student data for monitoring and evaluation’.

The programme of work also relates directly to, and is informed by, the university’s engagement in QAA Scotland’s national Enhancement Theme 2017-2020 of ‘Evidence for Enhancement’. As part of the enhancement theme activity the university are also contributors to the Scottish Tertiary Education Learning Analytics Resource.

The outcome of the scoping exercise, a formal position paper, was presented to the university's QAEC on the 27th August 2020 and is available for download below along with other associated publications: