You may view a schedule of examination weeks, reading weeks and exam boards on our academic calendar pages. Exams are held during these weeks for all undergraduate students.  A detailed timetable of exams is issued by your course team prior to the exam week.

Examination procedures and regulations

Examination regulations are laid out in the Academic Standards and Regulations in section 17.  There are separate regulations for SQA and degree course students.  These regulations include:

  • Assessment regulations
  • Procedures for students with disabilities, the dyslexia sticker scheme and special exam arrangements
  • Details of pass marks and grades
  • Late submission rules and regulations for reassessment
  • Word counts
  • Exam Boards, their role and membership
  • Provision for the progression of students

Assessment appeals

Full details of assessment appeals procedures, including the process  and timescales involved, are available in the Academic Standards and Quality Regulations in section 18. There are separate processes for SQA and degree students.

Grounds for making an appeal are:

  1. that a student’s performance was adversely affected by illness or other factors which they were unable or, with valid reason, unwilling to divulge, prior to the meeting of a board of examiners when it made its decision about the student. The student’s appeal must be accompanied by documentary evidence acceptable to the senior manager who considers the appeal in the first instance
  2. that evidence is produced that there was material administrative error or that an assessment was not conducted in accordance with the programme regulations
  3. that evidence is produced that some other material irregularity has occurred.

Appeals will not normally be accepted from third parties. Additionally appeals are not considered on the basis of academic judgement.