Blocked content warning


UHI operates a policy of web page filtering to protect vulnerable users from inappropriate content.

The list of blocked web pages is supplied to UHI by an external web filter specialist. The error you may see is:

"This page has been blocked because it has failed the restrictions of the filter."

Web content changes frequently and we regularly review the filter rules. If you feel that the content you have tried to access on this occasion should not have been blocked please email  with the following information:

  • Your name and login ID
  • The URL of the web page you are trying to access
  • The reason you need to access this page via UHI

Learning and Information Services reviews requests to unblock web content on a regular basis. When your request has been reviewed you will receive an email letting you know whether the web page you requested has been unblocked.

If your request has been rejected and you would like to appeal, please contact the Director of Learning and Information Services.

Tip: If you are using your own computer, you can install browser extensions to hide unwanted adverts on pages you visit.

Firefox: install these add-ons: AdBlock Plus - Webmail Ad Blocker
Chrome: install these extensions: AdBlock - Webmail Ad Blocker
Edge: install this add-on: AdBlock