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Help to inspire future generations to study at UHI content

Help to inspire future generations to study at UHI

Our alumni are our best ambassadors. Nothing speaks more highly for a university than successful alumni who want to give back by volunteering. Volunteering has lots of benefits, from skills development, the sense of satisfaction, to promoting your company and accessing student talent.

We are building a community of alumni ambassadors to be a key resource for prospective students to draw upon when making decisions about applying. They can cover expectations of studying at UHI, what to expect, and work-life balance.

Alumni ambassadors can also play an important role in preparing current students for the world of work whilst expanding the network of connected graduates around the world.

Meet our alumni ambassadors! content Collage of 9 different alumni ambassador faces

Meet our alumni ambassadors!

Students can contact our ambassadors for help and advice.
Ambassador recognition content framed alumni certificates for awards

Ambassador recognition

Find out about the various ways to get recognition for volunteering.

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Write a career profile

Help students by sharing your university and career experiences and advice.