RUK bursary


Full-time undergraduate students from England, Wales or Northern Ireland, with a term- time address in Scotland, who are paying rest of UK (RUK) fees and are eligible for support through the Student Loans Company, may apply for a UHI RUK bursary.

In order to take advantage of the University of the Highlands and Islands RUK bursary you will need to first apply to the Student Loans Company giving consent on your application to share your financial information with relevant institutions. The assessment of residual income made by the Student Loans Company will be used to calculate eligibility. Bursaries will be applied as a reduction in the RUK fee payable by qualifying students.

Please note that if you or your parents choose not to consent to sharing the financial information on your Student Loans application then we will be unable to consider you for a RUK bursary.

Please indicate when you apply for a course that you would like to be considered for a RUK bursary by adding a note to your personal statement. If you have already submitted your application then please contact giving details of the course for which you have applied.

Continuing students will be required to reapply each year and those who have been guaranteed a ‘no increase in fees’ for the duration of their degree course will be awarded a bursary at the rates in operation at their time of application.

Bursary application deadlines

  • Semester 1 entry – 31st October
  • Semester 2 entry – 28th February

The bursaries available are as shown below. Bursaries apply to full-time study only. Bursaries can continue to be awarded (subject to no change in family or personal circumstances which would affect eligibility) for up to three years of undergraduate study (note: for continuous study on full-time degree programmes, the fourth (honours) year is free for RUK fee paying students.

Residual household incomeBursary 2022-23 entry
£20,000 or less £1665 per year
£20,000 - £22,500 £1110 per year
£22,501 - £25,000 £555 per year
Residual household incomeBursary 2021-22 entry
£20,000 or less £1620 per year
£20,000 - £22,500 £1080 per year
£22,501 - £25,000 £540 per year
Residual household incomeBursary 2020-21 entry
£20,000 or less £1620 per year
£20,000 - £22,500 £1080 per year
£22,501 - £25,000 £540 per year