Art and Design


The university has a range of art and design degrees, from fine art, working with textiles, visual communication and design to interactive media.

Art & Design

The creative industries sector is one of Scotland’s most diverse and fast growing sectors.



  • Students have access to a wide range of on-campus facilities such as recording studios, sound systems, rehearsal rooms, theatres and art studios.
  • In most of our art and design degrees, final year students are given the opportunity to showcase their talents to the public and industry representatives at their own degree show.
  • Previous graduates have gone onto careers as a 3D artist in the games industry; graphic designer; teaching; drama and production and as musicians across Scotland and Europe.
Jordan McNeilage, BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology content Jordan McNeilage

Jordan McNeilage, BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology

“ There are many different routes to success. If, for whatever reason, you don't follow the 'standard route' you can still get there in the end, and you might just gain more experience along the way! I currently work for a local architect firm alongside my studies, which suits me well as I'm building up work contacts and experience. ”

Leah Davis, BA (Hons) Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice content Leah Davis

Leah Davis, BA (Hons) Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice

“ This degree concentrates on art in the public sphere and how to practice as an artist in the real world, not just focusing on art alone. I was extremely lucky to be able to organise a placement with one of my favourite artists, Michael Forbes. It gave me such confidence and developed my understanding of what it takes to be an artist. I would never have thought I would have had a solo show and be exhibiting internationally before I had even completed the course. ”

Kayleigh Kellas, BA (Hons) Fine Art content Kayleigh Kellas

Kayleigh Kellas, BA (Hons) Fine Art

“ I was attracted to study here as I preferred the more personal and nurturing approach to teaching made possible by fewer students and a smaller campus. The drive to university is so green and picturesque; I never begrudge doing it. This course allows me to study a subject I'm passionate about at a pace that allows me to truly enjoy the process of creating artwork. There are lots of extra activities - talks, meet-ups, gallery socials - which are always well advertised and beneficial. ”