UHI Servicedesk and Twitter


Information on why UHI Servicedesk are going to start using Twitter and how we will use it.

Why are UHI Servicedesk using Twitter?

UHI Servicedesk (@uhiservicedesk) use Twitter as an additional way of keeping staff and students up to date with pertinent service information. We will post updates on service issues, disruptions and announcements. The twitter feed is displayed on the front page of the ITDI website area and this will assist us in being able to quickly update our customers on any important ITDI service event. As Twitter is an external service, it will provide an area for us to be able to post service information should there be an issue that means there is no access to internal UHI services. We will still send all the important information to UHI email accounts.

How UHI Servicedesk use Twitter?

We will make customers aware about known service disruptions, for normal disruptions we will endeavour to give 5 days notification. Service issue or emergency disruption information will be posted on an adhoc basis when there are live issues. We will use the feed to publish information that may be of use to staff and students, these posting will be based on servicedesk call trends or in line with events from the academic calendar. At least twice a day throughout the working day we will check the @uhiservicedesk feed for comments and replies and try our very best to assist, however we may ask staff and students to contact the UHI Servicedesk directly. The quickest way to report an unknown fault will still be by or telephone (01463 279150 external or 150 internal).

We won't be carrying out any other general monitoring for any mentions, hash tags or other feeds for people trying to report problems. If we find anything from our partners or institutions/organisations that we think will interest people we will retweet this.