University Learning and Teaching Conference 2020

Andrew Bowie, Vice President HE, HISAChris O'NeillDr Gary CampbellTom Farrelly introduces the Gasta sessionDavid Sharkey of the LTA delivers a gasta talkAngus MacDonald of the EDU delivers a Gasta talkHISA panel sessionDr Lydia RohmerRoddy Henry introduces keynote speaker Julia FotheringhamBill Johnson and Shila MacNeill deliver a keynote talkConference delegates in the lecture theatreConference delegates in the lecture theatreConference delegates in the lecture theatreConference delegates in the lecture theatreConference delegates in the lecture theatreColleagues networkingColleagues networkingSession sign up deskConference stallsConference stallsConference stallsWorkshop sessionWorkshop sessionWorkshop sessionWorkshop sessionWorkshop session

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The University of the Highlands and Islands Learning and Teaching Conference 2020 was held on 22-23 January and co-hosted by Inverness College UHI, the Learning and Teaching Academy, and the Learning and Information Services. Our title for the conference was Dimensions of Tertiary Engagement with six conference themes:

  • Co-creating: working in partnership in the design and delivery of learning and teaching within, across and beyond the university.  This could include working in partnership with students, employers and wider community, and across disciplines and levels of study.
  • Digital: harnessing current and emerging technologies in learning and teaching, student support, widening access and participation, and developing digital skills and capabilities.
  • Enhancement: using evidence and evidence informed approaches to enhance learning and teaching and the wider student experience.  This could include enhancement through student feedback, data and analytics, and evaluation of our own practices.
  • Equality: with a focus on issues of equality and inclusion with respect to the content of the curriculum, learning and teaching activities, professional development opportunities, accessibility, and valuing diverse and individual needs and voices.
  • Research: we are seeking here to provide a platform for colleagues undertaking educational research across the university to share their work.  This could include small scale research projects, research being undertaken for education related PhDs, funded and collaborative projects, research in progress, and research being undertaken for the REF.
  • Transitions: supporting student transitions into and through Further and Higher Education, into postgraduate research, into employment and professional practice.  Supporting staff to transition in aspects of their learning and teaching practice is also of interest here.
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Below are any resources available from the sessions that took place at the conference.

Day 1.

Plenary sessions



Professor Chris O’Neil, Principal and Chief Executive, Inverness College UHI


‘What do we mean by Tertiary?’

Lydia Rohmer, Principal, West Highland College UHI and Vice-Principal (Tertiary):


Keynote: Julia Fotheringham, Edinburgh Napier University ‘Associate Students in transition: direct entrants and the 'uni-boys

Short presentation sessions

Pluralising Approaches to Student Identity - a study of programme design in HE

Seán McLaughlin, Perth College UHI

Session recording

True or False? - Quizzes can improve our students’ learning experience

Carolin Radtke and John Buchan, EDU UHI

Session recording

What can the Curriculum Development Employer Engagement Officer team do for you?

John McLuckie, Alana MacLeod, Katie Masheter, and Lorna Ferguson Student Services (Careers and Employability) UHI

Students as partners: Creating a collective responsibility for course evaluation and improvement

Catriona Meighan, Inverness College UHI

Session recording


Technology-Enabled Learning for Rural Education through the lens of Dementia Education

Kevin Muirhead, Department of Nursing and Midwifery UHI

Session recording

Supporting staff development for embedding e-learning in regular teaching practice

Nuria Camps, Perth College, UHI

Session recording

The value of delivering Career Development workshops through the curriculum

Helen Anton and Iain Eisner, Student Services (Careers and Employability) UHI

There is more to life than Sci-Hub: how to help you, legally, find open access and subscribed ‘stuff’

Elizabeth McHugh, Learning and Information Services, Libraries UHI

Session recording

Long presentation sessions

Perth College: Our Digital Vision

David Gourley, Perth College UHI


Utilising Learning and Teaching Review to Promote Reflection, Professional Dialogue and Enhancement

Nikki Yoxall, Moray College UHI

Using narrative and lived experience to enhance the non-medical prescribing curriculum

Stephanie Holden and Joanna Smith, Department of nursing and Midwifery

Talis Aspire pilot: module reading list editing by academics to improve reader context and the student experience

Richard Hughes, Carol Hart , LIS Libraries UHI and Lucinda Dean, Centre for History UHI



Cryptopoverty in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland

Mark Lindley-Highfield, Inverness College, UHI

Utilising Pad Pro and pencil to create a screen cast to share with students

Fiona McConnell, Inverness College UH

Wikipedia in Education: Write it, don’t Cite it

Sara Thomas, Wikimedia UK


Plenary sessions


Building a UHI Community

Andrew Bowie (HISA VPHE), Ash Morgan (HISA VPFE), Flo Jansen (HISA Depute LCC), and Aimee Harvey (UHI)



John Maher, Head of LIS UHI and Sophie McGown, D2L

Recording (from 48m)


Brightspace Gasta

Dr Tom Farrelly, Institute of Technology, Tralee

Recording (from 1h 9m)

Day 2

Plenary sessions


Keynote: Bill Johnston and Sheila MacNeill, ‘Digitally enabled tertiary and adult higher education for challenging times



Keynote: Dr Tom Farrelly, Institute of Technology, Tralee ‘Black into Bright: VLEs are still with us


Interactive workshops

Contextualising the university’s graduate attributes

Rosie Alexander and Ann Tilbury, Learning and Teaching Academy UHI

Whisky 101; Distilling the Brightspace Benchmarks into your unit or module

Carolin Radtke, Educational Development Unit UHI & Keith Smyth, Learning and Teaching Academy UHI

How should we grade groupwork?

Heather Fotheringham, Learning and Teaching Academy UHI

Using Rubrics in Brightspace

Lois Gray, North Highland College UHI


Forging engaging learning resources

Elaine Dalloway and Mark Wilkie, Educational Development Unit UHI

Exploring teenage mental health: Understanding and responding to the needs of our learners

Louise Martin-Theyers & Heather Corpe, Inverness College UHI

ABC Curriculum Design

Anne Chard, Educational Development Unit UHI

Short presentation sessions

Understanding the education, employment and migration pathways of Island students

Rosie Alexander, Learning and Teaching Academy UHI

Courage, wonderment and a willingness towards strangeness”: why Literature matters in an age of apocalyptic thinking

Kyle Smith, Perth College UH

OERu – how you can showcase your courses and enable global education

Andy Brown, Academic Development UHI

Session recording

Cross-curricular collaboration for learning innovation

Allane Hay, Jane Pickthall, Stacey Toner, Moray College UHI

What can the Knowledge Exchange Team do for you?

Darlene Russell, Research and Enterprise UH


Condensed learning diaries for reflective development

Rob Bray, Argyll College, UHI

Non-formal learning in a Popular Music Education Context

Ronnie Goodman, Perth College, UHI

Using the UHI tool Pepe to create audio feedback quickly from Word documents

Fiona McConnell, Inverness College UHI

Session recording

The new framework for the development of open educational practices

Scott Connor, Learning and Teaching Academy, UHI

Industry Teaching Linkages – A Real Engineering Example

Lois Gray, North Highland College, UHI

Long presentation sessions

Embedding Research Teaching Learning Linkages in the Creative Arts

Lesley Mickel, Inverness College UHI

Humanizing the machine: At what cost

Alice Mongiello, Inverness College UHI

Recording (up to 53m)

Improving employability with programme-based assessment

Douglas Barr, Inverness College UHI

Responding to the student voice: are we listening and how do students know this?

Aimee Harvey Heather Fotheringham Learning and Teaching Academy UH,, Mei-Li Roberts Perth College UHI, Catriona Meighan Inverness College UHI, Lucinda Dean Centre for History UHI


Discussion sessions

Digital social space

Andrew Bowie (HISA VPHE), Ash Morgan (HISA VPFE), Flo Jansen (HISA Depute LCC)

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy Values: Finding commonality within diverse practices

Heather Fotheringham and Ann Tilbury, Learning and Teaching Academy UHI

Towards an anthropology programme?

Mark Lindley-Highfield, Inverness College, UH

A multi-modal learning matrix for digital education

Frank Rennie, Lews Castle UH


Educational scholarship and research at the University of the Highlands and Islands: from here to where?

Keith Smyth, Learning and Teaching Academy UH

Investigating the relationship between digital skills and blended learning standards

Emma Clayes; Laura Kelly; Khristin Fabian, Perth College UHI

Recording (from 1h 30m)

University-ness, Tertiary-ness, and the Integrated University

Brian Boag, Executive Office UHI