Synchronous teaching


Synchronous teaching activities may not be possible due to staff absence, system limitations or lack of equipment.

Alternatives include use of the VLE, for example, creating narrated PowerPoints, uploading Word documents, readings, activities, book chapters, ClickView videos, recording lectures, etc. See Online alternatives to face-to-face teaching activities below.

Synchronous tools content

Synchronous tools

Webex has been the main virtual classroom tool since the beginning of AY 2020/21. It is fully integrated with Brightspace and can be accessed in an module / unit / course via the Communication and Collaboration drop-down menu.

Please read the Webex guidance on how to access Webex Meetings for the first time and refer to the Webex help pages to find answers to any additional questions you might have.

Features of Webex Meetings in Brightspace

FeatureWebex Meetings
Personal meeting Yes
Small group meeting Yes
Polling Yes
Chat Yes
Raised hand Yes
Content sharing Yes
Recording Yes
Whiteboard Yes
Breakout groups Yes
Switch camera Yes
Share multimedia Yes
Share other app/program Yes
Switch to another presenter Yes
External participants Yes

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