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The Science, Technology and the Environment Subject Network includes applied sciences, marine science, environmental science, sustainable development, computing, interactive media, archaeology and environmental studies, geography, aquaculture, forestry, horticulture, agriculture, game and wildlife management, equine, and nautical studies.


Employer Mentoring Programme - Case Study content

Employer Mentoring Programme - Case Study

Employer Mentoring Programme - Case Study

For the academic year 2019/20 we are piloting an Employer Mentoring Programme with 3rd year Bioscience and Environmental Science students across the university’s partnership.

The programme is running for a minimum period of 7 months, up to 14 months, giving the students the opportunity to build up a strong and fruitful relationship with their assigned mentor from the relevant sector.

"The Mentoring Scheme [similarly] should give students a real feel of what working in science is like and provide them positive role models and a sounding board for developing their own career."

Applied Science Curriculum Development - Case Study content

Applied Science Curriculum Development - Case Study

Applied Science Curriculum Development - Case Study

To support the re-validation of the BSc (Hons) Applied Science, now named BSc (Hons) Bioscience, the CDEEO was asked by academic leads to bring industry representatives together to inform the academic staff on sector trends, skills and labour requirements.

Two meetings - one in Perth and one in Inverness - were held simultaneously and connected by video conference in order to insure coherence and avoid duplication. This integrated approach has been so effective that it is continuing as an Industry Focus Group, adding a cluster in Elgin and one in Thurso, insuring that the Curriculum is always up to date in a fast pace moving sector.

"The industry focus group has had a real impact on the development of the Bioscience Programme.  This gives us the opportunity to develop Programmes which focuses on the needs of employers by producing work ready graduates and gives us the confidence to both promote and teach on these Programmes."

Employer Insight Videos content

Employer Insight Videos

Employer Insight Videos

In collaboration with the university’s Educational Development Unit (EDU) and local and national employers, the Curriculum Development and Employer Engagement Team worked to develop a suite of Employer Insights videos.

The aim of these videos is to help increase student awareness of different sectors and the opportunities available, whilst building their understanding of what employers look for in terms of skills, CVs, applications, and interviews. They provide students with an idea of sector skills demand, and also include critical areas of focus for the university, such as the Gaelic sector and our graduate attributes.

Alongside the videos, some associated activities have been created – a number of tasks to get students thinking and reflecting on video content, skills, and ambitions! Students can hear from organisations such as IBM, Gordon & MacPhail, and Highlands & Islands Airports.

View all videos in the Employer Insights Video Suite

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Employer Testimonials content

Employer Testimonials

Employer Testimonials

"Working with a named member of staff who is able to work across the whole of UHI provides a consistent and convenient way for an organisation like SNH, which has a wide remit, to reach different parts of a similarly diverse organisation such as UHI."

Scottish Natural Heritage

"Having a dedicated team will give that team the opportunity to gain a better and clearer understanding of the work of our organisation. This will improve their understanding of our needs, and of the support we can give to the students."

Cairngorms National Park Authority

"I think this role is of utmost importance. To have a person who can help get industry involved in course curriculums does definitely make a difference. We are facing a skills shortage in Europe and we must collaborate with universities to make sure students are getting the right training for the next era of work, without this role it would be hard to have these conversations."


Staff Testimonials content

Staff Testimonials

Staff Testimonials

"Audrey has been a tremendous asset to the development of employer engagement in the curriculum."

Bioscience Programme Leader

"The CDEEO has provided an important link with employers. The position has been provided a point of focus for employers, teaching staff, programme leaders and students and opened up communication pathways around Programme development, placement opportunities and student interactions with employers."

Environmental Science Programme Leader

"CDEEO has been critical to draw together projects and teaching across partners and across UHI to provide a coherent strategy for employer engagement and a diverse portfolio of projects to participate in."

Marine Science Programme Leader

"As more of the students get to know Audrey she is becoming a valuable part of the infrastructure in regards to employer engagement, and someone they can contact directly for employment and placement advice all through the academic year."

Engaging with External Agencies module Leader