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The Humanities, Education, and Gaelic Subject Network includes history, literature, theological studies, cultural studies, sociology, education, and much more!

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The work in curriculum development and employer engagement within the subject network can be wide ranging - from conducting industry research projects, to hosting curriculum advisory groups, setting up employer mentoring programmes, exploring industry partnerships, and linking businesses in with relevant teams for internships, placement programmes, or events. This work puts employability at the forefront, aiming to produce work-ready students and graduates who have experienced teaching and learning that meets the needs of employers and the sectors they operate in.

Employer Mentoring Programme content

Employer Mentoring Programme

Employer Mentoring Programme

The university’s Business Mentoring Programme has been designed to provide students with the opportunity to access insights, advice and support, from a professional working in one of a number of key sectors.

Mentors from a wide variety of organisations volunteer each year to work with a student – some from large, multinational organisations and others from small local businesses.

The programme runs over 6 months (October - April) with mentoring taking place via e-mail, phone, Skype or in person - an easily accessible yet hugely beneficial learning, development and networking opportunity.

Applications open in the autumn each year, and we always welcome volunteer mentors – please get in touch if you would be interested in working alongside a student to help build their confidence, skills, and future planning in their chosen subject area/your sector.

Inverness Castle Project Volunteers content

Inverness Castle Project Volunteers

Inverness Castle Project Volunteers

From the potato crop, to nuclear power, Bealach na Bà, and the Jacobites – four volunteer students from University of the Highlands and Islands were successful in being taken on as part of an archiving project, showcasing the 'Spirit of the Highlands'.

On behalf of The Highland Council, High Life Highland tasked students Hugh Gosling, Janet Bryer, Katherine Davidson, and Caitlin Jackson, all studying at the university’s Centre for History, with finding three different stories from the Highland Archive Centre as part of the Spirit of the Highlands project.

Read more about the project here

Employer Insight Videos content

Employer Insight Videos

Employer Insight Videos

In collaboration with the university’s Educational Development Unit (EDU) and local and national employers, the Curriculum Development and Employer Engagement Team worked to develop a suite of Employer Insights videos.

The aim of these videos is to help increase student awareness of different sectors and the opportunities available, whilst building their understanding of what employers look for in terms of skills, CVs, applications, and interviews. They provide students with an idea of sector skills demand, and also include critical areas of focus for the university, such as the Gaelic sector and our graduate attributes.

Alongside the videos, some associated activities have been created – a number of tasks to get students thinking and reflecting on video content, skills, and ambitions!

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