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Employer Engagement and Curriculum Development content

Employer Engagement and Curriculum Development

The University of the Highlands & Islands and its partner colleges are fast-growing hubs of innovation and insight, with powerful local and national networks and a growing international presence. There are a number of ways that businesses of all shapes and sizes can interact with students and staff, including:

  • Advertising vacancies, voluntary, graduate and placement opportunities on the Handshake platform for free
  • Acting as a mentor on our Employer Mentoring Programme
  • Offering student/graduate placements, internships or work experience opportunities
  • Delivering presentations or participating in seminar and workshop programmes
  • Collaborating with students by offering employer-led projects or case studies
  • Collaborating with staff in an advisory capacity to ensure curriculum is informed by business and industry

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If you'd like to discuss the different ways in which your organisation could interact with students, graduates, and staff, at the University of the Highlands, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Benefits content


Benefits of collaborating with our students and graduates include:

  • Access to a wider talent pool for recruitment
  • Access to bright new ideas from motivated students and graduates
  • Raising awareness of your organisation and any opportunities available
  • Addressing short-term support/work needs
  • Shorter placements or temporary interns can be a key resource
  • Influencing the quality and preparedness of people coming into the labour market
  • Well-informed succession planning and workforce development
  • Giving back to the community by supporting students/graduates in their development and prospects
  • Helping to shape the curriculum so it is relevant to your needs as an employer