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Use of trademark - application form content

Use of trademark - application form

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The university was donated the company Made in Scotland Limited and the associated trademark in 2019. With the approval of the donors, Kathleen Hardie and Derek Reid, alumni of the university can apply to use the mark, free of charge, on any goods or services they supply to customers providing the following criteria are met. 

If you would like to apply to use the mark, please complete the form below.


  • The goods and services supplied comply with the university’s ethical policy
  • The business/organisation is majority owned (or in the case of a social enterprise or charity run) by the alum
  • The business/organisation is a Micro Enterprise as defined by the Scottish Government – i.e. it has a turnover or balance sheet value of up to £1.8M and ten or less employees
  • The mark will be awarded for an initial period of three years and then reviewed
  • The use of the logo is consistent with the brand guidelines
  • The university may publicise all awards that it makes

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