Giordano Antonucci content Giordano Antonucci

Giordano Antonucci

BA (Hons) Golf Management, 2020
UHI North Highland

Philippa Barnwell content Philpppa Barnwell in graduation gown and holding her scroll

Philippa Barnwell

BS Oral Health Sciences, 2020
UHI Inverness

Rona Campbell content Rona Campbell in a red top

Rona Campbell

PhD, 2023
MSc Sustainable Rural Development, 2017
UHI Outer Hebrides

Lauren Geddes content Lauren Geddes sitting on a wall with her completed dissertation

Lauren Geddes

BA (Hons) Business and Management, 2023
UHI Inverness

Ellen Grieve content Ellen Grieve

Ellen Grieve

BA (Hons) Applied Music, 2021
Orkney College UHI

George Gunn content George Gunn in his graduation gown, holding up his scroll and smiling

George Gunn

BSc (Hons) Geography, 2020
UHI Inverness

Laura Hinds content Laura Hinds

Laura Hinds

BSc Oral Health Science, 2019
UHI Inverness

Jacob Hodge content Jacob Hodge with guitars behind him

Jacob Hodge

MA Music and the Environment, 2019
BA Applied Music, 2017
UHI North Highland

Matthew MacDonald content Matthew MacDonald

Matthew MacDonald

HND, Sustainable Rural Development, 2008
UHI Outer Hebrides

Ashlie McIvor content Ashlie McIvor

Ashlie McIvor

BSc (Hons) Marine Science, 2018
Scottish Association for Marine Science

Ellie McLaren content Ellie McLaren with violin

Ellie McLaren

BA (Hons) Applied Music, 2021
 UHI Outer Hebrides

Jordan McNeilage content Jordan McNeilage sitting at his desk

Jordan McNeilage

BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology, 2019
UHI Inverness

Lewis Melloy content Lewis Melloy

Lewis Melloy

BSc Sport and Fitness, 2019
UHI Perth

Francesca Molinari content Francesca Molinari

Francesca Molinari

BSc (Hons) Marine Science with Arctic Studies, 2019

Callum Rae content Callum Rae

Callum Rae

BEng (Hons) Aircraft Engineering with Air Transport Operations and Management, 2018
UHI Perth

Nurina Sharmin content Nurina Sharmin in a library

Nurina Sharmin

BEng Aircraft Engineering and Air Transport Operations, 2020
UHI Perth

James Turner content James Turner

James Turner

BSc Sustainable Development, 2019
UHI Outer Hebrides