Professor Gary Campbell

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Gary holds degree in environmental science (Ulster) and a masters in forestry (Aberdeen) and then spent several years researching the impacts of environmental pollution on woodlands in Spain, France, Scotland, and Ireland. After several years of teaching in an agricultural college Newton Rigg, Cumbria) he took a PhD at Sheffield University in computer modelling of alien plant species and then moved into he moved into climate change modelling.

While living in Sheffield, Gary experienced nine months on the dole at the job club used in the film the full Monty, before ironically getting a job teaching environmental conservation to the long term unemployed there. These two experiences cemented his personal desire to use education and training to support folk in getting to where they want to be.

In 2001 he returned to teaching environmental science at UHI. A theme throughout his teaching career has been the early adoption and use of digital technologies to facilitate learning and the development of innovative models of delivery. Gary had also played a role in the process of UHI gaining its degree awarding powers and later its title as a university.

Gary has worked at UHI Inverness and UHI Moray and UHI in a range of teaching, management and leadership roles including subject network leading, Dean of Science, Health and Engineering, Assistant Principal for Curriculum Enhancement and Dean Learning and Teaching.

Gary cares deeply for UHI’s mission to support the communities, environment, and economy of the region and that, while recognising UHI’s drawbacks, its past successes and future opportunities are hugely significant.