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We would like to thank all the individuals, organisations and charitable trusts and foundations who have donated to the university during 2020.

Dr Gary Campbell

Castle Tavern  

Sophie Chisholm

Brian Colgan    

Patricia Colgan    

Graeme Forrester    

James W Fraser    

The Fresh Air Leadership Company    

Angus Gordon    

Lois Gray    

Ellen Grieve    

Aidan Henderson    

Jane Henderson    

Highland Society of London    

Pete Honeyman    

John Howieson    

Pauline Hunter    

John Kemp    

Eileen Mackay    

Alexander Mackenzie    

Phillip MacKenzie    

Dr Poonam Malik    

Member of Foundation    

Mighty Bouches Band    

Pauline Parr    

The Liam Colgan Music Fund    

Thomas and Angela Prag    

Prickly Thistle    

Willie Printie    

Oliver and Clare Russell    

Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum    

Scottish Business Network    

Scottish Land Commission    

The TEFL org    

Thomas and Margaret Roddan Charitable Trust    

Norman Trousdale    

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust    

Alison Wilson    

Ian Wright

We would also like to thank all of our anonymous donors, you know who you are and we appreciate your support!

A special mention to those who have donated to the university as a direct result of COVID-19 to help the setting up of an emergency study fund to tackle student digital and financial poverty and to enable the creation of live music gigs to support our music alumni community by allowing them to perform virtually whilst their industry faces such challenging times.

The support we receive to help our students and alumni continues to be absolutely vital!

If you would like to support us, please visit or email for more information.

Jack Birnie (left) Aiesha Hunter (right)

Aiesha Hunter and Jack Birnie, winners of the Liam Colgan student music awards 2020  

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